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1st Choice First Aid is your 1st Choice in First Aid Training

1st Choice First Aid has a combine experience of over 50 years in professional first aid. First Aid Training



Tony has been involved in First aid for over 38 years as a volunteer of St John Ambulance and for 26 years he has been providing training in all aspects of first aid.

Tony has worked for many First Aid Training Organisation as the Senior Instructor and has trained many

  • organisations including,
  • The Victorian Police
  • County Fire Authority
  • State Emergency Service

Tony is well respected in the industry with many people and organisations seeking him out for advice in First Aid Training.

Tony can provide expert training in all areas of First Aid including,

  • Administration of oxygen
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Asthma
  • Child and infant resuscitation
  • Defibrillation
  • Injury management
  • Remote Area


Anns involvement in training goes back to early 1990s in a small Adult Education centre in rural Victoria, where she commenced as a trainer in computer studies and progressed to managing the training and finance activities.

When St John Ambulance established a volunteer division in her area, Ann committed time and energy to the cause.

A move to Melbourne a few years later saw Ann employed as a leading trainer with one of Melbournes foremost First Aid training organisations.

Whilst with this company she trained people dairy farmers, doctors, CFA and Victoria police, school teachers, business executives and the list goes on.

To further her career she moved to another Registered Training Organisation and managed the first aid training of that organisation. Ann has a training style that engages learners in her classes.
She promotes a positive learning experience which in turn builds on confidence levels of her learners. With current industry experience and qualifications in training and all levels of First Aid, Ann can provide learners with up to date management techniques of all first aid injuries and illnesses in a friendly yet professional manner. Ann also brings along a wealth of knowledge of workplaces to add relevance to her training.